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魚油減少關節用藥 Fish oil reduces joint medication

Consuming omega-3 fatty acids as part of the daily diet could reduce the need for painkillers, report researchers at Dundee University. The findings from the study published in the journal Rheumatology, are a welcome revelation, in light of the mounting concerns over the adverse effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen. Some of these drugs have been associated with gastrointestinal toxicity, high blood pressure and a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

The double-blind, placebo-controlled study involved 97 RA patients who were given either cod liver oil or a placebo. The researchers found that supplementation with 2.2g long-chain omega-3 fatty acids could result in a reduction in medication by up to 30 per cent after nine months.

An estimated seven million adults in the UK suffer from long-term health problems associated with arthritis, says the Arthritis Research Campaign (, with approximately 350,000 people thought to be suffering from RA – the incurable form of the disease originating in autoimmune problems which bring about painful inflammation in the joints. But there's good news – sufferers may be able to slow the progression of the disease by taking omega-3 supplements. The benefits of these natural anti-inflammatory substances are well documented; earlier studies have suggested that as well as reducing inflammation, certain omega-3 fats actually switch off the collagen-degrading enzymes which break down joint cartilage. Unlike NSAIDs, omega-3 is able to be taken long-term, providing anti-inflammatory and collagen-supporting properties – offering a two-pronged defence against the harmful deterioration of joints affected by RA.

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