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脂肪酸不單止改善念珠菌 Fatty acids for Candida

Results from a recent trial by members of the National Candida Society have revealed that fatty acids may help to counteract various symptoms associated with Candida.

Participants took two capsules of omega daily, for three months. The results were impressive:

- 66% of all triallers experienced an average of 50% improvement in IBS symptoms including diarrhoea and constipations.
- 60% of the women noticed improvements in thrush
- half of all triallers noticed that their skin was less dry
- 40% noticed improvements in brain fog
- 40% of females experienced improvements in menstrual problems
- 25% reported that they were less depressed
- 30% experienced a reduction in aching muscles

Over one third of the population may be affected by Candida, which results from an overgrowth of yeast in the gut. Left untreated, it can wreak havoc on our health and invade any area of the body which comes into contact with the bloodstream. Upsetting the delicate ecological environment in the gut, Candida overgrowth depletes the levels of friendly bacteria, allowing harmful bacteria to develop and transform into harmful tentacle-like fungi which pierce the intestinal wall and allow toxins to seep into the blood. Complications include skin complaints, allergies, low immune system, depression, chronic fatigue and frequently reported IBS-type symptoms.

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