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Omega-3降低患骨質疏鬆的風險 Omega-3 linked with reduced risk of Osteoporosis

An exciting new study conducted on mice, published in the Journal of nutritional Biochemistry, has indicated that increasing one's consumption of omega-3 fatty acids may help to promote bone health and safeguard against developing Osteoporosis.

Until now, fatty acids have principally been linked with improved mental and cardiovascular health; the new research, however, has revealed a strong link between an increased intake of omega-3 in mice and strong, healthy bones. The results may offer a valuable preventative solution for those with a high risk of developing Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis presents a massive financial drain upon NHS resources. Affecting some two hundred million sufferers globally, it is currently one of the most costly disorders in existence, according to figures compiled by the World Health Organisation.

The degeneration of bone tissue is a naturally-occurring problem which comes hand in hand with old age and general wear and tear. Osteoporosis sufferers have a greater potential for developing fractures and similar damage, affecting mobility; preventative measures would therefore enhance the quality of life for the elderly population.

The study itself, conducted at the University of Texas San Antonio Centre of Science and Health, focused upon two separate groups of female juvenile rodents, one of which was fed a composition of pure corn oil, the other an omega-3 rich fish oil for a period of six months. The results demonstrated that the rodents supplemented with the omega-3 fatty acid preparation had developed a higher bone mineral density than in the control group.

Not only did the bone mineral density (BMD) improve by as much as twenty per cent, but results also displayed decreased activity of pro-inflammatory cytokienes, tumour necrosis, and reduced osteoclast production. This suggests that the greater BMD produced by fish oil supplementation in rodents may simultaneously encourage bone formation and discourage bone degeneration.

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