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Igennus的奧米加產品專利註冊認可為獨特的配方 Igennus granted Patent for unique omega supplement

Owing to its unique combination of fatty acids, Igennus' first product has received recognition from the UK Patent Office reflecting its 'one of a kind' status in the omega supplement market.

Granted in December 2005, the patent covers the use of ultra-pure EPA and virgin evening primrose oil for Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Schizophrenia and a host of other conditions. Igennus' inventive step of creating this unique formula underpins its reputation as an innovator in this field. Keeping a close eye on scientific revelations and developments, the granting of this patent demonstrates its ethos of producing premium quality omega supplements for optimum health.

For decades now, cod liver oil has been associated with good health - it is only in recent years, however, that researchers have discovered the key ingredient in fish oil, namely the omega-3 long-chain fat eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which has a fundamental role in the functioning of every living cell in the body, with particular importance in the operation of the brain and cell signalling. Several conditions have been linked to deficiencies of this essential fat, and indeed studies have demonstrated significant alleviation of symptoms using high doses of EPA.

Evening primrose oil has similarly long been linked to health, although laymen usually associate EPO as helping with conditions specific to women, such as Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. While this is indeed the case, its benefits far exceed this common assumption. EPO provides a good source of the omega-6 long-chain fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, which is essential for maintaining the permeable structure of cell membranes. Vital for effective cell signalling in the body and brain, it ensures that cells obtain the required nutrients to function properly. This essential fat is also converted into prostaglandins ? hormone-like substances which regulate inflammation, pain, blood pressure, fluid balance and blood clotting. As such, the benefits of EPO may include improvements to skin, the easing of joint pain, lowering blood pressure and the latest revelation ? its role in the inhibition of breast cancer cells. This is not to mention its plentiful supply of botanical triterpines, which aid immune function.

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