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脂肪酸促進腦部發展 Fatty acids promote brain growth

The groundbreaking results of a recent study have shown that the long-chain fatty acids in Vegepa promote brain growth in children, as well as leading to major benefits in memory, concentration and behaviour. The research has produced irrefutable evidence demonstrating the importance of EPA and EPO (both found in Vegepa) for children's learning ability.

As well as conducting psychometric tests to assess learning ability, memory and concentration, the researchers decided to look at brain structure and functioning directly. Therefore, all participants underwent MRI scans before and after the trial, which involved supplementation with Vegepa and dietary changes to improve the children's nutrition. (Each child took two Vegepa capsules each day during the three-month trial.)

As well as impressive feedback from both teachers and parents, and remarkable improvements in learning ability, memory, concentration and handwriting, actual biological changes were identified in the brain scans. Over a three-month period, the children's brain grew at a phenomenal rate - that which would typically be expected over a period of three years!

The results of this study are due to be published this autumn.

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